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Godfrey Rolle 

Godfrey Gordon Rolle or ‘G” as he is affectionately known by those closest to him, was born in the small, rustic, but beautiful settlement of Hartswell, on Great Exuma Island, The Bahamas.


Even as a preschooler, young ‘"G" showed a strong affinity for reading, and writing, and as such would read everything he laid his hands upon. As he progressed from preschooler to adolescent teenager, many days, his backside was “warmed” by the sting of a tamarind switch administered by his mother or father for lying in the cool shade of a fig tree reading instead of tending to his chores.


The author, throughout his life, found an inexplicable calmness in the beauty, serenity, and wildness of nature, particularly the sea. In Exuma and elsewhere, he would spend countless hours near the seashore watching the waves gently kissing the shorelines or being whipped about by the wind.


In moments such as these, his mind would take flight into the boundless space, unfettered and unrestrained by human constraints. This love and respect for nature influenced his poetry writings which he began to write at an early age. It guided his thought processes even as he wrote about love, beauty, and intimacy.


When asked, “why do you write poetry?” His response was, “to me, poetry is both simple and profound. It is my vehicle for expressing those innermost thoughts and feelings which might otherwise remain trapped inside.


Some may consider my poetry unique, perhaps overly eccentric, but it speaks to what I am feeling at a given moment. I cannot help but write about my love for nature, having lived in such a paradise as The Bahamas, coupled with having seen so many amazing sceneries in my extensive travels to other countries.


I cannot help but write about my love for God Almighty when I stop to consider what he has done for me because his love is unfathomable. I cannot help but write about love when I feel it ever stirring in my chest.


I cannot help but write about intimacy and sex when I feel it throbbing in my loins. These all make up the sum total of my human existence and therefore as long as God gives me the ability, I WILL WRITE!!!!”  

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"To Live & To Love written by G. Gordon Rolle, a prolific writer and critically acclaimed poet extraordinaire, is a compilation of sensual poetry. 


This poetic masterpiece takes its readers on an erotic journey through the mind of the author as he describes one of the highest expressions of human intimacy between a man and a woman - lovemaking.


Ingeniously categorized into three sections: carnality; musings; and love, each chapter will arouse your senses and wet your imagination, evoking pure undeniable and insatiable ecstasy. 


For you lovers out there, having difficulty with what to say or what to do, this book is a guaranteed resource to ignite the fire that burns deep within your loins and to “set the mood” for any romantic occasion."


Sherry J.


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